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You are typical of people

You are typical of people today. You dish out insults and then pretend you didn't. You called me a liar. And I said you are sad in response. Funny how you find fault in everyone else but yourself.

PCR called him a neocon, get over it... you're wrong.

No, liberals aren't the only one's who lie. I'm saying you lie in the fashion of a liberal. Apparently that was over your head. It's amazing how you twist my words to suit your failing arguments.

Yes, common ground. That's what I've been saying. They may have common causes, but that does not make them of the same ideological persuasion, which is what you were arguing... but you have so turned the debate upside down, you don't even know what the debate was about in the first place. PCR is not a libertarian nor did he support Ron in '08. The too-little-too-late 'so-called' endorsement in '12 is a joke and quite frankly, insulting to Ron in the manner in which It was espoused.

"ageist and a misogynist"

I thought you didn't like labels. Like I said before... Hypocrite. I bet I'm right though.

I can do this all year if you like.