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Hey heart4wisdom :)

We're doing (relatively) well, thanks -- hope you and yours are well, too!

Let's see...

For starters, I'd say there's a difference between 'horizontal' anarchism and 'vertical' anarchism, in the sense that one can advocate for no rulers who are other creatures, human or otherwise, lording it over their fellow creatures, while still acknowledging the lordship of the Creator over all creation.

Here you will get the usual challenges, saying we're supposed to submit to earthly authorities as placed there by God to rule, but I see such admonitions as simply pragmatic instructions that Paul gave to early Christians in order to pick their battles, living at peace with all, insofar as possible, given the particular priorities those churches were facing to get established. Even we as libertarians advocate peaceably working within the system to effect change, when possible. But Paul, himself, did not always obey political authorities; and he was beaten and flogged and imprisoned because he saw God's laws as higher than the human laws. I wouldn't interpret these admonitions as not making efforts to maximize Liberty where possible.

But moving onto the vertical aspect, stop and consider what kind of King we are talking about. The will and heart of the Father is revealed in the Son, Who cast aside His crown, stepped down to mingle with lowest of the low, humbled Himself as the Servant of all, washing the very feet of His disciples, even the feet of the one who would betray Him, calling people to have the heart of a child in order to enter the Kingdom, a heart of Love -- for as the heart of the child is, so the heart of the Son is; and as the heart of the Son is, so the heart of the Father is. And so we see that the picture of God as some Jupiter monarch on a throne casting thunderbolts is a caricature, an image perhaps suited for those who could not yet appreciate Love but only began to be awakened through an ignorant fear of rumblings on Mt Sinai.

As Christ said, all the Law, all the Prophets are summed up by the Greatest Commandments: Love God; love neighbor as yourself. This is the highest Natural Law of the Kingdom. God is Love, the very ground of our being, calling each of us to grow to participate fully in Love. But this is voluntary, or it could not be true Love from true persons. So God is a libertarian Who allows us to withdraw from the central reality of Love and to discover through our decisions what the effects of non-Love are in our lives.

With this withdrawal from reality, though, we will find that while we are free to spin a web of lies in our mind, attempting to define our own reality, we will be isolating ourselves further and further from the true reality, and from true relationships with anyone or anything else. We in our quest for liberty apart from Love will find that we are actually isolating and imprisoning ourselves.

When we reach a breaking point and cry out in hatred of the lies we have become and begin to return to Love, to the Father, by dethroning self and becoming the servant, through the Son, the Servant King, the Way of Love, we will find that as we draw nearer to Truth and Love that we will see our Liberty actually increases -- as we become more His, we become more our own!

But this withdrawal or return to Love and true Liberty is all voluntary -- and, as I know we are both confident, all will voluntarily be reconciled through Love, to Love, in the end. :)