Comment: I never use soap

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I never use soap

I have a sturdy brush and use coarse salt, that's it.

I have and use a lot of cast iron, use it on my wood stove all the time..

If something happened to a pan and the salt didn't work, I'd use baking soda, steel wool, and if I had to, reseason.. my pans are better than teflon coated.

One of my favorite recipes is made in a 350 degree oven
Pineapple upside down cake.. I chop my pineapple (can of crushed pineapple works /if you use the can, drain the pineapple and reserve the juice) mix it with 1 cup brown sugar and half stick butter, little salt, put that in bottom of a PAM or greased 12" skillet.. cake is the oth 1/2 stick butter creamed with cup raw sugar, add two eggs, 2 cups flour.. add reserved juice to make a batter.. pour on pineapple.. cook 35 - 40 minutes.. when removing from oven immediately turn out to serving plate and wash pan in cold water with stiff brush.. immediately washing the pan is key to keeping the pans seasoning in good shape.