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"In May, 1775, Washington

"In May, 1775, Washington said: ‘If you ever hear of me joining in any such measure [as separation from Great
Britain], you have my leave to set me down for everything wicked’- He also said: ‘It is not wish or interest of the
government [meaning Massachusetts], or of any other upon this continent, separately or collectively, to set up
for independence’" Ingersoll, North American Review, CLV. No.2, August, 1892, p. 183, also quote in Sources
of the Constitution of the United States, c. Ellis Stevens, 1927, page 36. Why after winning the revolution we come up with the Articles of Confederation? because it was never about giving us our freedom. You see in the beginning the establishment gave us all these rights, just so people would come! that was our calling card- FREEDOM. Now when you got everyone locked in, that's when you spring the trap. Guys I hate to say it, but we're still a British colony. Just look up the treaty of Paris 1783 or the Act of 1871. We weren't suppose to have any lawyers sitting on a bench in America, but when they destroyed the 13th amendment, that went out the window. Look at the war of 1812, so the British came and invaded and burnt down the white house and we just let them leave? hmmm, you guys starting to see it now? George Washington was a lying cheat. He heard where the capital was going to be located, bought a whole bunch of land and when D.C was chosen, he made a lot of money! We weren't suppose to have a congress or a President, they made it up. Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Samuel Adams, John Adams were all federalist who wanted a big government. Now why would they want that?