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An exercise: Replace the

An exercise: Replace the word "abortion" with "murder" and reread your post.

The word abortion is a misnomer that masks the reality of what we are looking at. I see no reason to call the unlawful redaction of a person's natural right to life, simply because they are defenseless, as anything other than murder.

If we simply called it murder, perhaps so many dumb teenage girls wouldn't assume they were going to get a procedure done as one would to remove a wart. Perhaps we should start calling doctors who perform abortions Hit-men or assassins, and call the procedures contract killings. That might fix a few things.

Words matter.

This isn't holier than thou, I am an atheist and a father who has seen my baby girls on the ultrasound, swimming around and flapping their arms. Any fool could see that they are human beings and as deserving of life as anyone. To kill them for the utterly amazing excuse of "convenience" is as horrific a crime as I can think of. Those who don't understand this are ignorant or evil.

I have 0 problem with birth control or even the day after pill. However no one has a right to revoke the life of another human unless that human has deprived another unjustly of that right. I'm pretty sure there are no unborn babies guilty of murder.