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I hope you read this and choose not to dismiss it.

So you don't like his vote not to expand a wasteful social welfare program? I don't care if it is for veterans or not, all government is wasteful and the money for expansion could have come from a cut somewhere else. That's pretty much dead in line with any fiscally conservative libertarian as well as Ron Paul himself. Ron only ever voted against cuts to tricare not for the expansion of it.

Edward Snowden broke the law, no one is above the law. The rule of law must be preserved, or we become hypocrites by our own confession, juries determine guilt and innocence not the court of public opinion. Snowden should be tried alongside Eric Clapper. Clapper should serve the rest of his life in jail, if not shot in front of the Washington monument, and Snowden should be acquitted of all charges for upholding his oath. Snowden's a fucking hero, he's a modern day John Hancock.

Rand's done more for the 4th amendment in the past year than any American congressman in the past 50 years INCLUDING Ron Paul. Just today he gave a speech at UC Berkley for crying out loud and got a standing ovation from liberal college kids. If you really think he wants Snowden in prison there isn't much i can say to you.

I agree with you that sanctions are a bad long term idea. Hell, I know for a fact that Pearl Harbor was a direct result of US interference and instituting trade embargoes on Japan.

Here are rand's sanctions:

Short term though i believe they can be an effective tool for inviting negotiations at such a time, of course, sanctions should be lifted. Just as I wouldn't sell to you if we were in dispute over a piece of property with me, if you refused to even listen to me. I'll stick with principle over profit and well being on that one. Rand as well has vociferously called AGAINST military action every chance he has gotten, from Iran to Ukraine. That being said it's a fair criticism and probably the ONLY one I've heard against Rand.

In total:
If you hold people to such a ridiculously high standard like Ron Paul, we will never win anything, libertarians will continue to sit on the fringe of society never restraining the beast again. We must form coalitions and work for the right things. We must work locally and nationally to change the discussion not quibble on small disagreements. Just as Ron Paul himself did.

There will NEVER be another Ron Paul. Ron will no doubt vote for Rand. So before you list why you won't vote for him ask yourself why Ron would vote for him in spite of those things. Then ask yourself are you better at judging a man's motives and character than his own father, especially if his father is Ron Paul?

Thanks for the response, i appreciate your candor.

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"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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