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Comment: DG has 24/7 eyes w/access to geosynchronous satellites.

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DG has 24/7 eyes w/access to geosynchronous satellites.

The question of whether they know where the plane is can now be answered absolutely "YES". They know, but they remain silent. A message sent anonymously would work to end this nightmare for the families of the passengers. What the hell are they waiting for?
"Separate telephone facilities for military and public needs are available, providing all standard commercial telephone services, including connection to the Internet. International telephone service is carried by communications satellite. The territory has three radio broadcast stations, one AM and two FM, and one television broadcast station. Because of its equatorial location, Diego Garcia can use geosynchronous satellites over the Indian Ocean and also some over the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Amateur radio operations occur from Diego Garcia, using the British call-sign prefix VQ9."
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