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Comment: Can't beleive he used the tired examples

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Can't beleive he used the tired examples

of government being necessary because they have to build the roads and only government can provide a national defense. The same people that currently build the roads and the same people that currently provide national defense would/could be used in a stateless just wouldn't have a parasitic "middleman" that steals from everyone, creates laws (which is how so many "criminals" are created to begin with) and of course the "government" then exempts themselves from the very laws they create.

Rules...YES! Companies that construct roads...of course. Private security for a group (if some group feels they can't defend themselves) no problem!...But in the 21st century...its time people wake up to the fact that we do NOT need RULERS! There is no greater threat to peace and liberty than when a population gives a small group of people the legal authority to initiate violence and steal from the population.

99% of the dangers most people on this planet are faced with in todays world is state sponsored violence which is always projected as being neccessary to keep the people safe. Fcuk the State!