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Sure he does

Withholding his vote will NOT stop government. There are two choices to change/reduce the size of government. 1) Force. Revolution, which would definitely be bloody and brutal. 2) Electing officials that might actually reduce the burden of government on the citizen.

Voting is not consent. Existing within the artificial borders of a government is. Everybody here consents to the power of the government. Even non-voting anarchists. The only way you can remove consent is if you completely disregard any authority derived from government. Would you fight to the death to prevent your arrest by a police officer? If not, then you consent just as much as anyone who votes.

I am an anarchist, but I am also a realist. Say what you want from a keyboard, but 99.99% of anarchists in this country perpetuate the existence of government just like everyone else.

He never said he wants Snowden prosecuted. He wants him brought before a grand jury, to determine if the charges are valid, and if they are, to then be tried before a jury, in the hopes that they would nullify. He made that pretty clear, so you are just trying to twist things.