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Does the average person saying this

Realize that Rothbard is a completely unknown outside of libertarian circles. His endorsement of bush is like Tom Woods endorsing Romney....
(Infact can you prove lb per lb it hurt rothbard like it hurt the paul clan?) I bet it didn't AT ALL, and no one gave shit. Except those that need an excuse for their power hungry master.

Did it ruin a campaign that woods was running.... No...

Rothbard never ran for president and only had to answer for him self philosophically. If this is the best you have for someone selling out - you're in deep doo doo friend.

The only reason rand even made it was because of him using us. I think anyone with a brain can go back and youtube all of his speeches, and votes. (iranian sanctions anyone) I would look at his voting record but he's be known to not show up for the first two years all that often so he could maintain his moderate posistions for his "friends" like Mcconnel so they don't like idiots.

He had his chance, and he blew it -- NEXT.