Comment: No, he is not wrong.

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No, he is not wrong.

Russia won't stop harassing their neighbours until they meet strong response.
Sins of USA are not absolvation for Russia.
If you are against American presence in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya etc. why are you cheering when Russia do the same.
This is not first time lately, but third.
First, there was massacre of Chechnia and annexation of this rebellious republic.
Second, there was invasion in Georgia.
Third: Crimea.
Soon: Eastern Ukraine and many more countries.
Borders are not suggestions. Life of millions is depending on them.
International peace is based on fear - don't forget about it.
If that factor don't work anymore, forget about world as you know today.
Welcome in the hell.
Not because of Russia.
But because war will be profitable again.
Next step? Unknown.
You will miss balance of fear.