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Comment: "Object" seen in ocean by satellite is now 80 feet long.

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"Object" seen in ocean by satellite is now 80 feet long.

At this point, anything is possible. Thanks. I'm following developments on a blog site here:

recent posted comments:
"I have no doubt there are MUCH more detailed images that haven't been released. It's not possible the Australians would make this big of a fuss based upon what they released to the public. No way."

"Agreed. I have been able to read the name of a soldier in a moving jeep in White Sands from a satellite feed we set up for monitoring."
Four military search planes were dispatched Thursday to try to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean were part of a possible debris field of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

One of the objects spotted by satellite imagery had a dimension of 24 meters (almost 80 feet) and the other one was smaller. There could be other objects in waters nearby in the area that's a four-hour flight from Australia's southwestern coast, said John Young, manager of Australian Maritime Safety Authority's emergency response division.

"This is a lead, it's probably the best lead we have right now," said Young, while cautioning that the objects could also be seaborne debris along a shipping route where containers can fall off cargo vessels.