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Comment: Thank you for all that you shared :)

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Thank you for all that you shared :)

Thank you for all that you shared :)

I found it very interesting in your explanation of there being a difference between 'horizontal' anarchism & 'vertical' anarchism.

So, really 'horizontal' anarchism is nothing more than (I'm now going to use the language of the Spirit)...of being crucified to the WORLD and its SYSTEMS.
On the natural plane the "systems of this world" include the political, economic, religious, medical, educational systems ....all of which we as believers in Christ are to be dead to, no longer are we governed by these systems...we are now living in the Kingdom and our King governs, directs, and rules our life...our life
now is His and being JOINED to Him we are ONE.

I love etymology, the origin and history of words...and
I found it really interesting that
the word "government" is a combination of two words
"GOVERN" & "MENT". 'Govern' is from the Latin root
"gubanare"--to rule, direct, guide, govern....the suffix
(end word "MENT") derives from "mentalis"...meaning
"of the mind" where we get our English word
"mentality" from & also from the Latin 'mens' & from
the Proto-Indo-European word "men', meaning "to

The suffix always derives its meaning from the base literally the word GOVERNMENT means to
be directed, ruled, governed in the mind....or to use the
vernacular of today...."mind control".

This is why our Lord tells us that we are to "REPENT"
....most Christians have not really understood this
word "repent"....most interpret this word to mean
"stop sinning, change the bad behaviour"...and yet
the truth is that the word "Repent" is from the Greek
"metanoia"...and means "to take a new MIND, to
change THE MIND".

We repent by literally changing our mind (our old adamic
mind) and we now take a new mind...the mind of Christ and it is His mind that now governs, rules, directs our lives during our earthly soujourn. The mind of Christ is what directs all our thoughts and actions so that we truly have the desire to love the Lord our God with all our heart AND love our neighbor as yourself.

The mind of Christ is where true liberty resides...for where the Spirit of the Lord is (now within us) there is liberty!

The new mind that we take is the mind of Christ...and this
is the mystery of GRACE...because even the
desire to take a new mind...the mind of an in working of His glorious grace given....for truly a man
can receive nothing unless it is given to him from above.

Even the ability to love is an in working of
grace...because in my flesh I have no ability to love supernaturally (yes, my soul can demonstrate love, but it
is a soulish that flows forth from the a totally different kind of love than the love that emanates from the soul...Agape love is self
sacricing love..ultimate love...for it is God himself...for God
is love..and all those born of love are His offspring).

So, for me or anyone to have Agape is truly a work of
regeneration...and this is a work that HE DOES....for me to
even *voluntarily* yield is only because He gave me the grace to yield.
Truly, I too say with Paul..."By His grace I am what I am".

Yes, my brother....with my whole heart I agree with you
that every person, all of creation, throughout all
generations will be given the glorious GRACE of our Lord Christ Jesus worked into such a degree that they
too will have the desire to voluntarily yield to LOVE HIMSELF...for God will truly be ALL IN ALL!

All His love to you, Micah!

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM.