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Thank you - The Pen

It makes me happy to hear about your success, and I'm sure that you are inspiring others.

When I first heard about wheat and gluten sensitivity, probably over a decade ago, I thought it was just a bunch of hooey! I'd been eating wheat my whole life, and I was "fine" - right?

Well, without any context for comparison, you don't know that you're not "fine!"

I have experienced many of the same things as you. I fell off the no-wheat wagon at the end of February, and it has been rocky since. In fact, for lunch today I had a burrito at Chipotle on a wheat tortilla.

Whenever I do that, I notice the phlegm - immediately. Every time I walk out of there after having a burrito, I'm coughing up phlegm. Samantha notices it as well. I suspect it is the wheat (though it could be the cheese).

So many people have so many health problems that they never to connect to their diets.

Congratulations on 49 days gluten free! Keep up the good work, and keep sharing your results. You have no idea how far your ripples will extend.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

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