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I always enjoy your post but let me ask ....

If whichever bubble pops, and I happen to think real estate will pop again first, but lets say it all pops. Wouldn't savings, investments, some fortunes etc be lost into thin air and therefor dollars would be more scarce? Less less money in circulation means deflation? I could see ALL assets falling in price next bust. If i'm not mistaken, didn't gold take a brief dive after the last collapse? I look around and see no safe place to put my money in the here an now. Yes, in the end perhaps PM's will take off, but i'm talking now. Heck, I'm a "doomsdayer" , but i also cant say for sure that we simply don't just win a another war, or keep other countries gold, maybe we somehow take down gold and all those countries spent enormous amounts of their reserves only to watch gold go back to 300, or restructure the monetary system and revalue currencies. If you had a million, would you buy gold at 1350 right now? All in ? I almost bought it at 1900.

I think the key is to stay on the curve as it moves. Its a very tough and scary game. There are ways to possibly maintain your wealth or even make money as all this occurs.

I'm really on the side of many of you guys in here, but i've also been paying attention and learning from the other side as well.