Comment: Exactly, Withdraw Your Consent

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Exactly, Withdraw Your Consent

How hard is it to say, 'No'? Power can only come from the masses accepting the rules that are set down by others without our approval. Our only rational course of action is to not grant the plutocrats the legitimacy and credibility they must have in order to continue on with the charade of representative government.

Everyone on the Daily Paul knows this yet there has been so much discussion about the next election, the next, 'hope for a new beginning'. But the new beginning can not occur if we are forced to use the same rigged electoral system that benefits the political party organization's status quo and the lobbyist syndicate behind them that controls Washington.

The congress, presidency and the federal judiciary is awash in corruption; the walls of the republic are too rotted to repair. It must be cleared away completely before the foundations of freedom and liberty can be rebuilt. To believe that supporting this or that federal candidate or incumbent is lunacy. Nothing of substance will change unless, 'We the People' take the reins of governance back into our own hands and forge a new destiny for ourselves.

Either refuse to vote in national elections or write in NOTA (None of the Above) on the ballot. That is the only way to restore our individual sovereignty as Americans.