Comment: I completely disagree

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I completely disagree

The concept of "just ignore them and they go away" is the dumbest idea ever pushed on the liberty movement, and is so backwards to liberty I almost think its the globalists pushing it.

If they are silencing national figures in plain site of everyone else, do you not think they will turn their hand on us if we started ignoring them?

The only thing that holds this nation together, is our participation. When the peoples will stops being told, they will take it upon themselves to do whatever they wish. As little REAL representation we have left, we still control a LOT. Most people do not realize how many abominations are stopped on the senate floor.

People think our republic failed, they fail to realize that all other forms of governments would have failed FAR sooner, this includes anarchy. This is why the republic was chosen, not because it was the best or most popular. They chose it because out of all other forms, the people retained control the longest. Those in "power" must present they evil as the will of the people, or there will be public outcry. In a republic, everything must be sold to the populace, why do you think Obama is so hated right now? Democrats could actually love him still, if he didn't act like he was a king. Even the Democrats know he's wrong and are distancing themselves from him.

97% of people were fine with a british king ruling and dictating our land rights from across the sea. 97%!! You are going to sit there and tell me, that if those 3% didn't try and stop them, just ignored them, just pretended they didn't exist, that the tyrants would simply go away....

No my friend....You are either a coward or a fool. You will do nothing but hand them victory.