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Continue to Participate is a Fool's Journey

The only thing that ongoing participation in the ruse of national political elections is the furtherance of decline in economic opportunity, personal wealth and property rights.

Do you actually believe the government gives a hoot about honoring their constitutional oath to protect the freedoms and liberties of the American people? The politicians in Washington are controlled by the lobbyist syndicate whose agenda is to enrich themselves by enslaving the people with more and more debt. How many examples do you need to be reminded of before your eyes open to the truth?

Many citizens demanded from the government over the years not to bail out:
1. Fannie Mae
2. Freddie Mac
3. The bankrupt commercial banks
4. General Motors

And on and on. Did they listen? No. They acted solely to promote their own self-serving interests and not those of the people.

The republic of yesteryear is gone, it can't be saved. We must start over and can only occur when people stop giving the elitists the scepter of power by engaging in a political system that has been perverted by avarice and lust for unbridled power.