Comment: They are powerful, because we

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They are powerful, because we

They are powerful, because we believe they're powerful. But the reason we believe they're powerful, is because they're powerful.

They were powerful before we believed them to be so. And if I stopped believing in their power, I would feel it soon enough with consequences. So the reason they are powerful is because they're powerful.

If we all signed up and agreed to pretend they weren't powerful for a week, you'd have a revolution for sure. And if we all agreed tomorrow to build a giant sculpture of John Jay (the DP member, not the president) in the middle of Yellowstone park, there would indeed be such a monument, and a grand monument it would be, like the bearded image of a young Zeus.

The question is how do you get everyone to do that, when to do so without everyone else is risky. Just promoting the tired old chain letter strategy that we just need to convince ten other people each is not progress toward a real solution.