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To "harvest", there must be a potential energy difference to harvest. For example, there is gravity all around us, but to "harvest" gravitational energy, one must have a heavy object elevated somewhere and then cause it to fall. With electricity, there has to be a potential difference in electrical charge. When lightening strikes, it is because the charge on the sky and ground were different. The difference is created by wind, which is caused by a heat potential difference between the sun and earth. (Windmills and solar panels use those sources to store energy.)

The TANSTAAFL truth is that in order to create a potential difference, rather than tap an existing one, a device must inevitably do more work than can be done when the difference is released.

The device described here purports to scrape electrons from the earth, creating potential in storage batteries, and to use that energy to scrape more electrons. It is a closed loop, like the typical perpetual motion machine, except done with electromagnetism rather than dynamics.

It's bunk.

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