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I will call myself whatever the hell I want

You don't define me, and you obviously don't define the term anarchist. You're an anarchist? Do you follow the speed limit? Do you pay taxes? When you buy something at a store, do you refuse to pay sales tax? If not, you might be a statist. OMG, LOL, WTF!

Let me get this straight. You don't believe in voting, because you would only vote for an anarchist? Do you even logic, bro?

No, Rand is not an anarchist. Neither is Ron.

How do you imagine the transition from the current state to a stateless society will go? Some kind of critical mass where suddenly everyone realizes the truth that government is simply coercive force? That statists will suddenly have an epiphany that normally takes libertarians months or more to conclude?

When this nation started, it was the closest thing to a modern anarchist civilization that had ever existed. Incrementalism is what got us to where we are today, don't you think incrementalism is what will get us closer to true anarchy?

Finally, just because you are incapable of maintaining your philosophy while "inside the lion's den" doesn't mean that I am not. I am sick of anarchists calling other anarchists "not anarchist enough" when the reality is that NONE of us are practicing anarchists, but merely people that believe in the idea of true freedom. But it's cool. I get it. You don't want to actually get up and effect change, so you just don't vote because you are soooooo anarchist. I submit that your refusal to involve yourself in the voting pool is exactly what has gotten us to where we are. Your refusal to vote gives MORE legitimacy to those who wish to choose your rulers, not less.