Comment: I love how people think that

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I love how people think that

I love how people think that they know free energy technology won't ever be discovered when not even scientists know if it is possible or not... I'm not saying this particular product works or not, but is it really out of the question that new technology like this can be found??

Just think about that for a second... Are you being everything THEY want you to be? No one is saying buy the product, but at least try to understand how it works before you shut the whole idea down. Tesla had a vision with no science behind his inventions, then came the science after. He built things no one had ever thought of before.. It just takes an out of the box mind set to get this type of technology started because that nay say before you know anything attitude is not getting us anywhere, but paying power companies billions every year.

Get your ego out of the way of not wanting to be wrong all the time and delve into the possibilities. Maybe you will find out new things you've never thought of before. Allow yourself to learn.