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Comment: The Ukrainian Nazis are those who fought with Hitler.

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The Ukrainian Nazis are those who fought with Hitler.

The factions called neo-Nazis, meaning the new-Nazis, are the direct descendants of those who were led by Stepan Bandera during WWII and took the side of the Germans, fighting alongside them and working with their Einsatzgruppen:

"Einsatzgruppen can be traced back to the ad hoc Einsatzkommando formed by Reinhard Heydrich to secure government buildings and documents following the Anschluss in Austria in March 1938. The task of securing government buildings with their accompanying documentation and the questioning of senior civil servants in lands occupied by Germany was the Einsatzgruppen's original mission."

This brings to mind the actions of the Ukrainian Nazis during the recent putsch.

From Wikipedia: "Assessments of his (Bandera's) work have ranged from totally apologetic to sharply negative. On 22 January 2010, the outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko awarded Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously). The award was condemned by European Parliament, Russian, Polish and Jewish organisations and was declared illegal by a pro-Russian Ukrainian government and court in April 2010. In January 2011, the award was officially annulled. Consequently, Stepan Bandera remains a controversial figure today both in Ukraine and internationally."

The Wikipedia article has apparently been edited by pro-Bandera activists to lighten his reputation. Nevertheless the record is clear and whereas in 2010 the EU opposed his being raised to "Hero" status they are now embracing his legacy by supporting the factions who have violently overthrown an elected government.

The same factions have declared the two major political parties who oppose them, the Communists and the Party of the Regions, to be illegal and they therefore cannot stand in the next elections. This assures the present government of being in power until another opposition movement can be formed. This is unlikely to be permitted.

These facts make it all the more problematic for the EU which is supposed to have rules for those countries who apply for membership. The rules are both economic and political. Ukraine in its present state meets neither. If the EU goes ahead with an agreement with Ukraine then it will be because they have an agenda that demands that they break their own rules. In other words "the end justifies the means".

The evidence uncovered to date suggests that the whole Ukrainian episode has been planned and carried out unlawfully by the U.S. and the EU over a number of years in order to complete the encirclement of the Russian Federation with countries housing NATO forces. This would also explain why the EU is willing to sign an agreement with a country that is economically unqualified for membership, politically corrupt and controlled by a political regime that is both unelected and ideologically opposed to the ostensible EU ethos. Indeed they have used this faction to achieve the violent overthrow of the elected government.

This may be explained by the fact that the legal architecture of the EU is based upon the plan for the Greater German Reich written by Professor Walter Hallstein in 1939. Hallstein was also a lawyer for the I.G. Farben Oil/Drugs/Chemicals Cartel who were linked with the Rockefellers' Standard Oil and who were responsible for the construction and operation of the Auschwitz Industrial Complex that used slave labour from the Concentration Camp. Hallstein was the first President of the European Commission.

The legal structure of the EU is designed for government by a synthesis of Banking, Corporate and State Power, in other words Fascism in its purest form. This is the core design of the New World order that has been built upon Walter Hallstein's Plan for the Greater German Reich with the UN Security Council at its pinnacle and the alphabet soup of UN agencies as the technocratic scaffolding for World Government.

It is the same design being used in North America. It has not yet been fully implemented but the Western military axis of the U.S.led NATO has been working on it. They have been resisted in some areas although Russia and China have until recently cooperated with them. This cooperation is now ending and I believe the Plan will fail, starting with the economic collapse of the EU.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)