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Here are my suggestions, If

Here are my suggestions, If you have any questions, I will answer them:
Philip Eby for State Representative Texas HD 58. Phlip and I have lots of mutual friends. And T.J Fabby for Texas State Representative District 10. They are both in solid Republican districts. Both finished first in their primary election, but below the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. So winning is not certain, but it is very possible.

The Runoffs will take place on May 22nd. And your money WILL make a difference. They both supported Ron, and are solid. These State House races are stepping stones, they can be the future Thomas Massie's and Justin Amash's.

Philip was an alternate delegate to Tampa in '12 for 'us'. He is excellent, he will likely be our boldest voice in Austin. He is endorsed by Representative David Simpson from HD7 (another RP supporter)
Philip decided to run against RINO Rob Orr last year. After a number of months, Orr dropped out. This made Philip the default frontrunner, he was a step ahead. After Orr dropped out, 3 others jumped in the race. Here is how the Primary turned out.

Philip Eby 40.11% 5,442 votes

DeWayne Burns 30.34% 4,117 votes

Henry W. Teich 22.69% 3,079 votes

Lyndon Laird 6.84% 928 votes

There will be a runoff on May 27 between Philip Eby, and DeWayne Burns, since nobody made the 50% threshold needed for an outright win.

These are better than poll numbers, the Primary results from both counties in the district.

In Bosque County, the primary results were:
Philip Eby 45.10% 1,087 votes

DeWayne Burns 29.54% 712 votes

Henry W. Teich 20.04% 483 votes

Lyndon Laird 5.31% 128 votes

In Johnson County:

Philip Eby 39.03% 4,355 votes

DeWayne Burns 30.52% 3,405 votes

Henry W. Teich 23.26% 2,596 votes

Lyndon Laird 7.17% 800 votes

T.J Fabby HD 10, T.J was an Alternate delegate to Tampa in 2012, supporting liberty
T.J ran last time, and lost to incumbent Jim Pitts. This time he scared off Pitts, and here is how the Primary turned out. T.J now goes on to face establishment candidate John Wray, in the May 27 runoff.

District wide results:

T.J. Fabby 5,624 38.13%
John Wray 5,276 35.77%
Jake Ellzey 2,354 15.96%
Duke Burge 1,493 10.12%

Ellis County Results:

John Wray 5,006 36.98%
T.J. Fabby 4,933 36.44%
Jake Ellzey 2,184 16.13%
Duke Burge 1,414 10.44%

Henderson County Results (District 10 section)

T.J. Fabby 691 57.10%
John Wray 270 22.31%
Jake Ellzey 170 14.04%
Duke Burge 79 6.52%