Comment: Broader categories, perhaps, but also

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Broader categories, perhaps, but also

consumerism, cheap and over-plentiful luxuries, and a mass media-pushed youth-centric "culture" which trains youngsters to be self-important and self-obsessed and removes any notion of either the necessity of self-sacrifice for anything altruistic or virtuous or the proper respect for older and wiser individuals (This, BTW, causes older people to feel irrelevant, too, which adds still greater injury and insult to society.).

And age compression / the sexualization of younger and younger people. Oh, and nihilistic sarcasm (a la "whatever, dude") becoming not just a fashionable mode of communication but also a way of life / world view.

Can't forget sh*tty food and all of the health issues (obesity, early onset diabetes, etc.) that it causes in children (ie: HF corn syrup, preservatives, etc. = exhaustion / lack of motivation, slowed brain function, etc.).

What would the Founders do?