Comment: It really depends on what you

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It really depends on what you

It really depends on what you consider resistance.
I have a large group of friends and many of them have joined me in the act of simple non-compliance. I would say half of my friends have joined me in not paying federal income tax, and refusal to sign up for obamacare.

Non-compliance is the only realistic way to win this fight against the government. I mean what is easier to accomplish, infiltrating an illegitimate construct of control which presupposes moral authority over your life, which by their actions shows that they assume they own you OR simply do nothing that they say, withdraw your consent, and actually be free for once in your life?

The choice is yours, if you choose to work within the system to affect change then good for you and I applaud your effort. Many of us will continue to resist this tyranny from outside of the system.