Comment: I disagree with...

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I disagree with...

...Rand on some points in his op-ed; but I'm a little curious why you didn't mention what Rand actually said in response to you. Would be good to actually hear those details rather than rely on a vague dismissal of it as a politician's answer. Or did you really walk away not recalling what he said?

Not saying you're doing this, but as much as I am open to criticizing Rand where appropriate, I'm a bit wary of a lot of the anti-Rand posts these days, since the opposition is certainly going to try to play Ron against Rand to divide us and take him out. I think Rand will be the best partner for Liberty and peacemaking we've had as a President in a long time, and the establishment would love to see him derailed.

Ron -----------------x---> Liberty
Rand ------------x------> Liberty

If 'x' marks how close to ideal Liberty, Ron and Rand's rhetoric is, there are differences; but I think the direction they're both facing and the trajectory they would both take towards smaller government would largely coincide. Maybe Rand's path will have a few more switchbacks in it. :)