Comment: You can call yourself whatever the "hell" you want.

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You can call yourself whatever the "hell" you want.

I can call myself the world's most handsome man if I want to dilute myself. If you want to reject the state while simultaneously sanctioning it with your vote, and claiming anarchist street cred, go for it.

You are, with your vote, perpetuating a system that violates my rights. It doesn't matter if you think Rand Paul would be better for me, you are conspiring with others in hopes of becoming the majority and imposing your own form of tyranny. But it is OK in your mind because you know that Rand is what would be best for us all. How is that any different than the people that knew Obama would be best for us all? Because your intentions are pure and selfless? I don't believe in selfless acts.

you statement:

"How do you imagine the transition from the current state to a stateless society will go? Some kind of critical mass where suddenly everyone realizes the truth that government is simply coercive force?"

So you believe that government is coercive force? Then why would you participate in it? You don't make sense. Perhaps a stateless society cannot actually come about, but it sure won't come about by participating in the opposite.

Would you stop arson in your community by supplying the arsonist with fresh books of matches? No, but you will supply a "democracy" w/fresh votes.