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Comment: Let me throw an analogy at you.

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Let me throw an analogy at you.

You seem to think that the way to go from the current state of things to a voluntary society is to keep playing the game.

If you were the playing a game of football and your team was so far behind that a comeback was out of the question, and all you and your team wanted was for the game to be over, how would you go about ending that game?

Would you A, run the ball or take a knee after every snap to run down the clock, or would you B, forfeit and walk away?

Now I know politics are not like football games and don't have a time limit, but if your goal was to end the game, not playing anymore is in my personal opinion the logical conclusion.

Now you think you are going to work within the system and bring it down, and God bless, but I don't agree.

I am the HB on that football team that wants to leave, and you are a teammate that wants me to keep running HB dives up the middle to wind down the clock on a pointless game we both want over.