Comment: remember the price of BTC is volatile but, very simple.

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remember the price of BTC is volatile but, very simple.

to set up.

Down load a BTC wallet on your computer.

it will then update the block chain. This can take 1 day or 2 depending on your computer and or connection.

you will have a unique address, make sure to copy and paste address when sending or receiving btc. if you give the wrong address your coins will be lost for ever.

make a back up:

how to Back up file:on your computer(windows) go to start bar - in search type: %appdata% enter. a folder will open for all wallets(btc,Ltc,PPcoin) open file specific for the back up.
copy "wallet.dat" onto desktop and from there to a removable drive.(thumb drive). save at least 3 files(3 thumb drives). if you lose this you lose all your other words if some steals your computer you have the data on the thumb drive. download again on new computer and replace the new "wallet.dat" with the one on your thumb drive.the more the better imo!
if you encrypted original after you made back up files, these files will no longer be useful. therefore you need to
make new backups with encrypted versions.

Now you just need to buy some Bitcoins.

some use exchanges as wallets like Bitstamp, btc-e and so on (MT.Gox is dead stay away)... the only issues with an exchange there is a fee applied when withdrawals are made.

your choice.

i am not an expert by any means and i strongly suggest you use tutorials on you-tube to help your quest into the BTC community or private email some experts here for more specifics.

always keep some physical silver or gold on hand. Never put all your eggs in the same basket.