Comment: 777s are in demand due to a parts shortage. Was it chopped-up?

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777s are in demand due to a parts shortage. Was it chopped-up?

Chopping up a 777 plane worth $260M would increase its value by a factor of 3-4. Even if MH370 was used for parts, where are the people?
Boeing 777: A drought in aftermarket spare parts?
Mar 20th, 2013

Narrowing supply stocks and the near-absence of aircraft for disassembly have sparked a worldwide shortage in aftermarket parts for the Boeing 777. In a confounding turn of events, B777 operators are resorting to part exchange options and expensive AOG orders as a result of untimely shortages in the stockpiles for major part suppliers. With the list of clients for Boeing’s long-range twinjet spanning six continents, responses to the current scarcity take on a decidedly global focus.
777 Parts Shortage? #AvMRO
Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 9:08 AM on Mar 20, 2013

Locatory claims there's a worldwide shortage of standard spare parts for the Boeing 777, based on feedback it has heard from several customers.

We've seen teardowns occurring on younger and younger aircraft and engines, but the popular 777 has not yet been affected by this phenomenon, except for aircraft that crashed, such as widely covered British Airways incident at London Heathrow.

However, Locatory says three 777s recently have been scrapped.

"The pivotal issue here is the stronger role that economics plays in determining aircraft values. Quite simply, the 777-200/ER is beaten by the A330-300 for economics on shorter-range journeys and by its larger counterpart--the 777-300/ER on longer range sectors, leaving the jet somewhat obsolete. This is reflected in pre-owned market values, with -300ERs fetching values 50% higher than that of similar vintage 777-200ER jets," says Zilvinas Sadauskas, CEO of, which is a Avia Solutions company.

What are you hearing? Is there a 777 parts shortage?