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Because they are human like

Because they are human like you and me and could maybe be our neighbors. You choose to see criminals as subhuman just as they would see you as the same. The constant cycle of violence is the proof of that... Why can't we look at it from a broader perspective and try to deal with the real problems? It's a human behavioral issue. Violence against violence creates more violence... When I said blowback, I meant the fact that the ones that came after came because he killed/arrested one of their guys. Yes, they were the aggressors in this situation and yes they died because they messed with the wrong person and that's the life of a person that lives by the gun, but.... is it not human to try to avenge your brothers death? If you were in the shoes of those men and been through the things they been through would you just let it go? What about the children of those men? Do you really think they will see all of this as some heroic ordeal? No, they will grow up angry and hateful at people like you that call their fathers scum bags when you don't even know who they are. They will grow up in a household without fathers and from the statistics will almost certainly become violent adults and contribute to more crime and violence in that area.. All because there wasn't a way we could figure out how to help the mentally ill people in this world. But like you said you don't care because you only care about the 2nd amendment and not actually helping or even attempting to understand humanity or our insane society... it's an us against them issue for you. I'm sad you see it as such just like I am sad people had to die, just as I would be sad if the man defending himself died..