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Your comment is very much appreciated.

Certain stories grab me, like this plane disappearance. That event alone did not, but what did was the Diego Garcia base just sitting there in the middle of the Indian Ocean without as much as a peep. It has a geo-synchronous orbiting satellite 35,000 km directly above it providing 24/7 real-time super-detailed imagery of every plane and ship in that part of the world....and the silence from that top secret base is deafening. They could end the nightmare for the families of these passengers very quickly by sending a simple anonymous message to someone in the know. Their secret surveillance system would remain intact, and no on else would need know. Are we involved? Did MH370 refuel at Diego Garcia, and is it now in a hanger in some other country being readied for a terrorist attack? Why won't our government do the right thing and tell the world what really happened? Unless there IS a sinister plot evolving, which is the reason why they are saying nothing.