Comment: We can have disagreements,

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We can have disagreements,

We can have disagreements, but I would really appreciate if you would act like an adult and quit the ad hominem attacks. That isn't needed here.

I have absolutely NO issues with what happened. Some guys tried to rob the wrong guy and were shot. I am ok with that and i'm glad he is alive.
What I do have a problem with is the reaction to it. You said that they got what they deserved. That IS eye for eye. It is one thing to say that he was in the right, but it's another to say they deserved to die. There is a difference and if you can't see that then idk what to tell you.

The reason criminals do what they do is not irrelevant at all. If people would just read books or study human behavior they will see why they do what they do.... But who cares, they are subhuman "scum bags"... You want to be safe? Then try to understand the problems and the reasoning behind violence.