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To tell you the truth his

To tell you the truth his answer fucked my head. The most I can remember was him saying something along the lines of making something "mainstream". I think he was trying to convey a message of appealing to a wider base or something but I couldn't recall details because his tone and speech was drowning in his strategy to pander and win votes rather than stay consistant on the ideas of liberty.

I understand your frustration about rand haterz who do not have anything of substance to be critical of rand... but what I will say is that we must be vigilant in protecting our rights and if we need to grill rand then we must. We must push him to be a an transparent with his views as possible. We must secure that he is indeed a friend o true liberty and individual rights.

Let me be clear that I do not wish Rand to be a wedge issue to divide the liberty movement but politics and winning elections are secondary to understanding the philosophy of liberty. What is personally important to me is for all people to be free and governments to cease to be able to take control of humans. I want humanity to move into a new age of consciousness and understanding of their potential.... but I know for that to happen the philosophy of liberty must prevail.

We can not afford another Ronald Reagon. If we must use the political system to further the cause of liberty and get our message to the world then we better support someone who stays the course and who will not waiver from the cause of liberty.

- Brennan