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In support of TMOT

You make good points about TMOT. As for the polls, there's this:

but, as we saw with Ron Paul, liberty candidate supporters tend to be 'Net-savvy and are over represented in the polls. Still....

TMOT is pretty much ignored by the media, which figures. You can't buy the free publicity the biased media hand out to Establishment candidates.

To be honest, TMOT likely doesn't stand a chance of winning. But here's the reason to support him. He is traveling around the state, talking to small-ish groups, as well as participating in the debates. TMOT is an amazingly good speaker and, when he's on fire, he is inspiring. He speaks The Truth, often to people who are hearing it for the first time. Ron Paul saw his mission as one of education and TMOT is doing much the same.

Furthermore, TMOT only accepts donations from individuals, no corporations or special interests. In addition, he and his staff are all volunteers. Nobody is getting paid. (No Jesse Bentons on his staff!) He is a true grassroots citizen candidate and is working to spread the message at great personal cost. He needs our support to advance that message.

Sometimes our efforts are just chipping away at the edges of the edifice of the State. But it's still advancing our cause. TMOT is paving the way for more Liberty candidates and maybe even another run himself. (I've not heard him address this, so I don't know.)

I plan to vote my principles and vote for TMOT. I support his campaign financially and by spreading the word. I'm voting based on what I believe, not based on who will win. None of the candidates I have voted for have ever won, but that won't stop me now!

So, to support one of the greatest spokesmen for Liberty in our time, please consider donating to Derrick Grayson's campaign. Thank you.