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Ron Paul claims Israel is our friend, to stop funding Israel and let Israel fight their own wars.

Israel is our friend, Israel has not spent a dime of the money allocated to it by the US this year (Israel hears you.. you don't know what Israel provides for that money.. not Israel's fault, so in a way it's sanctions against the US), Obama administration and Israel are not friends. Israel is not occupying other countries. Israel is not telling other countries what to do. Israel minds it's own business, and if you want to do business in Israel, great.. and if you don't, don't. Israel cares about Israel. The US should care about the US, and Rand cares about the US and, unlike those who have been poisioned against Israel, Rand sees what remarkable advances Israel is making on many levels science, tech.. and Israel is the seat of western religion, so Rand paid his respects.. it's not like he's Mike Huckabee taking groups to Israel every year for 41 years.

I feel bad for Israel haters.. to hate Israel means you are suffering and need something to blame.. project your suffering on Palestine (which most have no idea what Palestine really is.. a massive refugee camp.. not made by the Israelis.. Israel has their act together.. Palestine is established so those people never will, by Jordan and the UN and Britian... not Israel.. but blaming Israel is conveinent.. makes sense and since so many people do... you can get upvotes for it.