Comment: US/UN oversaw the fall of the USSR...

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US/UN oversaw the fall of the USSR...

My comment isn't really propaganda though, because I am not siding with either the U.S. or Russia but I see it as the NWO/globalist partnership we've all been aware of for years now, finally making it's push for WW3 or the threat of it to push for World Government. is propaganda. But relatively good propaganda imho.

This is all conveniently happening just when the Dollar is about to collapse, they are trying to take our guns, and there is an anti-authoritarian/liberty movement threatening the political establishment world wide.

Think about it Chris, the U.S./E.U. spent $billions to destabilize Ukraine yet they couldn't see one chess move ahead and know that they would actually be pushing Ukraine (and all that oil and gas) into the open arms of Russia? Of course they knew what would happen.

Obama also bailed out GM, after the banks, and 70% of GM went to China. Now that Detroit has collapsed anyway, China is buying up tons of land there, on the cheap. There is precedent for Obama paying back U.S. debt by giving land and resources to China, it's proxies and other creditors.

Did you see it when Obama told Medvedev to tell Putin he'd "have more leeway after the election"? Did you miss the reporter asking Obama "tell us about your plans for Nuclear War with Russia" and all the other reporters said "shut up!", on February 28th?

Obama and Putin both commies.

Need I say more? Because I have a lot more "propaganda"/facts/information that points to a NWO conspiracy, and not a naturally renewed Cold-War.

(P.S. - I couldn't tell whether you agreed with my comment or not)

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