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spare the rod, spoil the child

There are several ways to learn, "the hard way" AKA experience, or by watching someone else.

Spanking is a "hard lesson" that underscores the pain being spared.

For example, a child playing with matches in a garage that has paint rags, which could ignite consuming the child, garage and contents.

Spanking is not taking out pent up agression, fear, anger on a child. Don't confuse spanking with beating. Spanking hurts the chain of thought in the child, not the body..

Child is thinking.. light matches throw in rag pile. Parent/ guardian witnesses child tossing lit matches in rags, sees the potential danger and take the opportunity to teach the child why one doesn't lite matches and throw them in paint rags.. a spanking is a tool to help the child understand they have endangered, put at risk, threatened, or have hurt the self, family or a family member/pet.

What do you do when one has a child that is a pyromaniac? What do you do when you catch your child hurting another or animals?

The spanking also tells the parent: last straw.

Spanking as a tool, like taking a rolled paper to swat a dog that has training issues.. is not to hurt the body.. spanking for each year of a birthday is an example of spanking that doesn't hurt (and I understand some people find spanking sexually stimulating).

Spanking that hurts physically is no longer a tool, but a poor response from a parent who needs help.