Comment: An emotional state

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An emotional state

determines whether violence is being done or not? So if a psychopath is killing you, he's not doing violence because he doesn't feel anything?

I'm not sure why the hostage situation would be in any way related to the discussion. Do your children regularly hold people hostage with knives?

'However, if he'd have been angry and said something like "die, you m-------r", and laughed while the guy died, I would think he just liked committing violence.'

Actually, that wouldn't define whether or not violence had occurred. In fact, it wouldn't determine one way or another whether or not the violence was justified.

'When I correct my child, it's not for my sake--so I can have an easier life, etc.'

Sorry, but I have to call bullshit. If you're spanking your child, you're doing what is most convenient for you in the moment.

'so they won't end up hurting other people and themselves.'

So to teach your children that hurting others is wrong, you hurt them. Got it.