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We need to...

...remember how woefully out-of-shape politically, philosophically, academically our society is.

Ideal Liberty is at the peak of the mountain we want to reach.

Statists say, oh that's a pretty mountain over there, while heading off in another direction towards deserts and marshlands.

Reagan was on the path leading to the mountain, but got lost in the woods on the way.

Ron Paul is on a difficult path leading to base camp, from which we can scale the mountain.

Rand Paul is on an alternate path to base camp, gentler, with more switchbacks, to ease the ascent for an out-of-shape people.

The most hard-core libertarians might rather have us bypass the base camp entirely and head straight for the peak as the crow flies. Unfortunately, on that path, it is doubtful any of us would survive the trip to enjoy the view from the top.

I'm willing to go with Rand and the nation on the gentler path, as long as we're headed for base camp and building strength for the harder leg, and not getting lost in the woods on the way.