Comment: What is happening in New Mexico?

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What is happening in New Mexico?

"According to a complaint filed Friday in a federal court in New Mexico, what happened next in the October 2012 incident was nothing short of a six-hour nightmare. Young, 31, was forced to strip from the waist down in a public parking lot and then submit his body to an X-ray and anal penetration at a nearby hospital, all under the supervision of peace officers searching for contraband."

On January 2, 2013, Eckert had finished shopping at Walmart when he did not stop at a stop sign after leaving the parking lot. I recently wrote about police have used such pretext stops for searches after the Supreme Court refused to consider the motivations of police in such encounters. In this case, Eckert was told to step out of his vehicle for the minor failure to stop. An officer said that he thought Eckert appeared to be clenching his buttocks. This was used as the basis for probable cause that he had drug in his anal cavity and he was taken to a hospital in Deming for an anal exam. The doctor however refused on ethical grounds.

That did not stop the police however. They went to Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City where doctors appear to have few ethical qualms.

New Mexico State Police Pull Woman Over In Routine Traffic Stop, Fire Shots At Vehicle With Five Children Inside

At the jail, a female officer was called in to conduct a search. After apologizing to Ford, the officer made her strip and get into a degrading position while the officer visually inspected Ford's anal and vaginal cavities, the lawsuit alleges.

"This was an illegal and unreasonable search," Ford's attorney, Shannon Kennedy, told The Associated Press. "It's disgusting. It's a sexual assault."