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Of course, we don't and probably never will know the whole story. But what this video shows is a man moving to cooperate with the police. As he starts to comply he gets flash banged and an attack dog let loose on him. He thinks of defending himself against an attacking dog with a small knife, then decides to run. As he runs, the police decide to waste him.

Incredibly disgusting.

How incredibly disgusting, not only the entire contrivance of calling a dog an officer and valuing it's well being more than a human life, but in addition lying about the entire episode, where the police claim that the guy they wasted made a direct threat against the dog, while the dog with teeth and jaws that are meant to rip out hunks of meat and crush bones was sent to attack him while he appears to be surrendering. Just stunning.

How could one arrive at any other conclusion from watching this than the police were jonesing to engage in violence? They created the circumstances where they could have an opportunity. Then when things didn't go as planned and the target didn't give them reason to attack or kill, they attacked him and killed him anyway.