Comment: Chinese satellite detects a chunk of debris in S. Corridor

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Chinese satellite detects a chunk of debris in S. Corridor

Another day, another satellite sighting this time by China. This maybe the same piece of debris that was seen before on 3-16-14 by the grainy-image, poor quality, public access DigitalGlobe satellite. China has released a similarly poor quality image (at link below). The location is also marked on Google Maps (again at link). Relative to Diego Garcia, which is also in the Southern Hemisphere, this chuck of debris is located only about 3,000 miles away. An expert has said the odds are a million-to-one that this object will ever be found and that it is a piece of flight MH370. The reason is the ocean in that general area tends to accumulate more debris than other locations. Grim.

There is nothing else to report. One blog site has shutdown due to the lack of new information. Is this how it will end, without a trace, and chasing pieces of junk?
MH370: Chinese satellite detects image off the Southern Corridor
Updated: March 22, 2014

SEPANG: The Chinese government on Saturday revealed that their satellite had detected an image measuring 22 metres long and 13 metres wide off the Southern Corridor.

This information was announced by acting Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein during a press conference held at the Sama-Sama Hotel here on Saturday, after receiving a mote from the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang.

“The Chinese ambassador has said that a detailed information of the location of the image will be informed in several hours, if it is related to the MH370 aircraft,” said Hishammuddin.

The image was recorded at 2pm on March 18.

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