Comment: Oh and lets not leave out the

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Oh and lets not leave out the

Oh and lets not leave out the most convincing evidence of life on mars..


Much of the alternative analysis on youtube about mars images and possible structures comes from what I consider a majority mix of wishful thinking and creative imagination. that's all healthy and has its place it mostly helps to saturate youtube with not unexpected nonsense. It does make it harder to find the real gem images/videos that people upload that I want to see.

Another problem is that since youtube is designed to present you with videos that relate to you watch, in other words you watched this and other people who watched this also watched this! Then if you watch too many of these videos where people go in and try to challenge whether or not this object that is clearly a rock is actually a turtle or some kind of lizard man, you get suggested similar sensationals and walla!! You get chickens cluckin away on mars.

So i'll end this off with one of the true gems on YouTube i found a while ago. You won't find any chickens here. The guy hasn't been doing anything with the channel for over a year but he really does a superb job in each of his videos and i'de suggest to any of you who are space enthusiasts to put that on your bucket list of YouTube channels to pay attention to.