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Violence, in a parental

Violence, in a parental relationship, implies harm. Letting your kid run in the street when grabbing him and smacking his butt will prevent it... is not harm, nor violence. It is force, yes, but it is help, and it teaches the child to apply self discipline in the future, in order to avoid the next whap. Nothing could be better for the child in the long run to develop self discipline in order to avoid the consequences of bad behavior and thoughtlessness.

A child might not understand or care about the consequences of not being obedient, but will indeed understand the need to avoid a spanking, and so comport to good parental instruction.

If involuntary physical contact, regardless of harm, is impermissible, then you couldn't touch the child at all.

You guys are really so overboard and out to sea in some of your views that you never will and never should have a place at the table of the reality-based community.

You belong with the neocons and liberals imo.