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Whatever revolution you're pretending you're part of...

...but really just doing nothing but telling others on the internet NOT to Vote... The point of my comment is that it is not good enough to just START the revolution (which should include more than just doing nothing and calling it 'voluntaryism'...which isn't even the correct term it's 'voluntarism') but imperative that you FINISH!

Now answer me this, if you're all about "removing yourself from the system completely" and you are opposed to voting, and all about 'voluntarism' where I make my own decisions, then why are you even on here trying to sway my political actions... and then you vote by down-voting my post?

Maybe I can help you see why your idea won't work, more clearly...

There was a saying in the 60's...

"What if they gave a War, and no one showed up?"

But in reality, one side does show up. Always will. Most of history is one side showing up, and the other side practicing 'voluntaryism', i.e- doing nothing, i.e.- not showing up... and they get rolled.

In 2012 the Ron Paul campaign put the fear of G-d into the RNC, GOP, DNC, MSM, DEA, IRS, CIA, DIA, EPA, FBI, DOD, MIC, KEY, MOUSE, and just about every other combination of 3 letters in the English alphabet imaginable. They screwed us royally, and blatantly, but with Romney's loss, and all of Ron's message being proven right in the hindsight of the last two years that the sheeple have been able to see for themselves, the GOP base, as well as even the mainstream to some degree has moved towards libertarianism.

Now his son, a Senator, has even more juice and "credibility" among the mainstreamers and you want us to give up for some pipe dream of 'everyone just getting along' all-of-a-sudden?!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?