Comment: What agenda would cause you to ask?

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What agenda would cause you to ask?

I do not claim to stand for the values and ideas of Ron Paul. I have never agreed with Ron Paul 100%, nor have I met anyone who did that didn't know all of Ron's values and ideas. When I came to DP, I was pro-choice. Ron Paul wasn't. Now I am pro-life, as is Ron Paul. When I came here I would have bet you $1 million dollars that I would NEVER become a Republican like Ron Paul. By 2011 I KNEW Ron Paul would not leave the GOP, so I joined.

Are you a Republican like Ron Paul? Share that value?

When I see Gaza, I see much worse than a consentration camp, and I don't blame Israel for it. Ron didn't say he blames Israel. Ohh a person can allude to that.. but that's the interesting thing about Ron Paul and his message.. seems that message works for many agendas, so it get's twisted, as in your first link, because some people work to make conflicts between Israel/Jews and Americans.

In RPI, he has Israeli haters and why I don't subscribe.. Still, Ron paul personally says nothing that would have the ADL making him the top ten Israel haters.

I don't believe we helped created the Mid-East crisis. We adopted it from Britian and pander it with the UN while MSM profits off conflicts, but do not educate the people about what treaties.. do people know Jordan was made of the same treaty as Israel? Pakistan was made the same year and millions of people were removed.. but no one ever says anything.. and this is why.. is it because they are Jews in Israel? I think it's because people don't know and the propeganda is so think.. and Ron Paul.. a zionist like me can read Ron Paul about Israel and not be offended because of what I know, while an anti-zionist such as yourself see anto-Israel with Ron Paul.

Maybe Ron Paul is not Anti-0Jews and many of his followers are? That's what comes out of it.