Comment: have you ever considered fiction writing?

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have you ever considered fiction writing?

because you sure like to write it, and then convince yourself that it's fact. i never said PCR was perfect, or always right, when it comes to foreign policy and personal freedom it doesn't get any more libertarian. PCR like a lot of great thinkers are not just one thing despite (your very faulty black/white thinking) and yes he's not afraid to critique some libertarian ideas. you called him a grumpy old man but in the many interviews i watched with him he comes off friendly and with some humor. the exact opposite of you. i am pleased that at least i've convinced you to be a bit more civil in your replies, but you have a ways to go. ron paul always looks for the good in situations, you seem to take the opposite approach. too bad, because you're going to turn off potential liberty movement people who visit here from the left and right investigating. they will definitely be turned off by your know it all attitude and ego. so are you really doing the movement any good? you don't seem to care about the message, and only want to try and ridicule anyone who disagrees with you. since you are the one pounding your chest saying "i can do this all year sister" (just assuming my gender. what ego! what arrogance, so un-ron paul) i think it only fair you pick the topic.