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Thanks, Jon! Seems to be working now. :)

The clock was pretty. What was going on? Really curious...was bizarre.

I've been wanting to communicate privately with you for a long time.
Could you please email me your email and phone number?

And...Thanks for all your maintenance work the other night when Michael went to sleep. [:)] I tried to thank you right after but I think Michael's post was removed. :( Thanks for all your hard work and creative genius! :) Much appreciated!



Hope you had 'sweet dreams' while you sent poor Jon down....where? :)
(forgot what you said)

Please check your email. I'm trying to communicate with you about important stuff. (have add'l now)

Could you please email me your phone number and more direct email?

Thank you! FOR EVERYTHING! Things wouldn't be the same without you!


[Thanks to Mike, too. :)]